Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Floss Winner and Saying goodbye is the hardest part of loving something so sweet.

Saying goodbye is the hardest part of loving something so sweet. And it's even harder when it is so sudden. Licorice you gave us almost 10 great awesome years. We will miss you sweet girl

this face was also the same sweet face

That did this last winter Hahaha
But gosh we still loved her :)

On the 14th I took her in took have a growth on her rear end checked. It was a fatty tumor but given the area it was in they wanted to remove it. So I scheduled it for April 12th. Well on Friday we noticed she was favoring her left hind leg and was having some difficulty getting up and down the stairs. So I called Saturday morning to see if we could move the surgery date up, they asked me to bring her in on Monday for a re check. By that time she was still having trouble going up and down the stairs and was not jumping in the chair. So they did some xrays did not see anything really out of the ordinary they gave us some rimadyl and muscle relaxers. This morning she has even less use of her hind legs I carried her down the stairs to potty gave her food and medicine. We left around 11:30 to do our taxes and when we returned home her back legs were completely dead, she was dragging them . So we rushed her into the vet. Even in all this pain she was still giving us tons of kisses.... sweet girl till the end. The vet suspects that a slipped disk hit her spine somehow. Medical treaments were an option but it was a 50/50 chance and in the meantime she would have to go through with not having the use of her legs and IF the treatment DID work she would have to crated when we were gone to prevent her from jumping and that was not a life that was meant for her. So now she is free from pain and though our hearts are hurting they are so full of the joy she gave us

There were only 5 of you that entered so I told my husband to pick a number 1-5 he said 5 So Von on the dry side I will be emailing you sometime this week. My heart is heavy so it will probably be after the weekend....

Friday, March 25, 2016

Springs Promise, WIPs and Floss Tube

Happy Spring! Spring has truly sprung her pretty little head here in the Southern part of the U.S along with her lovely Pollen (insert sarcasm) We have a TON of pine pollen and like they say down here, It doesn't snow it pollens LOL. For the better part of March everything will be covered in a fine yellow dust and when I say everything it's EVERYTHING. But you know what I am not complaining, though it may sound like it. I could be covered in that cold white stuff all my friends in Denver,Co are getting, but some spring skiing does not sound half bad right about now. If my husband told me tomorrow we were moving to Colorado I would start packing yesterday :)

So thank you to those that left comments and I hope those that follow me have been able to locate me on the new blog. What have I been up to lately?? Well for starters I have a FFFFF-FINISH I started this piece sometime back in December I think. I decided to stitch this 1 over 1 on 32ct and just love how small it turned out. You will be seeing a lot more projects coming off my hoops done over 1. I LOVE over 1

I picked my colors as I went. the pink (primitive Roses), yellow (Buttercup) and variegated white are all from Nancy HERE

Next up is this lovely chart that was so thoughtfully gifted to me by a fellow stitcher during an exchnage I was in. Springs Promise by Black Bird Design. It is the first leaflet in their Loose Feather Series. I plan on charting my last name at the bottom instead of the "springs promise" I will put the begging stitches in that today before I go to work tonight. Just to say I started it :)

Have ya'll heard of FLOSSTUBE?? If not let me tell you about it. It is a bunch of cross stitch you tubers that upload their videos to you tube and talk about their WIPS, UFOS, finishes and basically anything stitching related. I started watching a few months ago. I like to listen to the videos as I stitch. Much better than listening to the doom and gloom on the news, because lets face it sometimes you need a break from that.

Well there are some really great floss tubers out there like A TON. So I thought what the heck I'm going to do a video. So a few days ago I sat down in front of the computer and rambled along about my stitching and my weekend stitching get together. If you would like to watch you can go HERE

I say I am going to do another video but not on a regular basis. It was different that's for sure. The reason I like blogging is I have a tendency to ramble and this allows me to TALK AND TALK without feeling like I am boring the socks off people LOL

So folks there you have it the longest blog post since forever and I hope you stuck around till the end because I am going to have a little giveaway.... Nothing super fancy I want to send a skein of Nancy's floss off to someone who has not had the pleasure of stitching with it. Butter Cup and did I mention all her skein are 20 yards. She has an EBAY store so if you fall in love with her floss like I did you can go buy more HERE

Leave a comment you do NOT need to have a blog just leave your emai so if I choose you I have a way to contact you. I will pick a name on Monday. Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sweet farm animals and stitching time

Hey Ya'll I hope it was a good weekend for you. I have had a busy one. I usually work Saturdays but took this one off because a sweet friend was having a GTG and I really wanted to attend. So I meet up with 20 other crazy sweet stitchers. We ate to much talked alot and laughed till our bellies ached or maybe that was from all the tasty food LOL Who knows.

I stayed till around 5 and then I drove to my girlfriends house about 1 1/2 hours from the GTG decided to stay the night and had a great time visiting with her and her son. This morning we went to a rescue facility that she volunteers at .... as you can see from the pictures there is no lack of cuteness from these animals LOL They also house two EMUS a ton of waterfowl, a domesticated racoon that they are trying to get back to a wild state, about 20 pigeons, some quail and just recently they took in some roosters from an illegal cock fighting ring. They also have a duck called Ming-Ming that does not think it's a Duck you can read about them here HERE and HERE
1st picture is a big old beautiful turkey
2nd picture is sweet Yana the goat
3rd is our group photo from our stitching get together. So blessed to have this group as my stitching sisters.
And lastly is me getting some goat love from sweet baby Lola OMG if you can't tell from my HUGE smile I was in heaven hugging this sweet girl :) It was a great weekend and a much needed one!!! I hope you enjoy this post and please go read about Izzie's Pond amazing the work they are doing for abandoned animals

Now I am going to kick up my feet get ready to watch the Walking Dead and get some stitching time in. Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed Sunday night.

HUGS from your stitching sister

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New name same blog

Good evening crafty friends... Just a quick post to let ya'll know I've changed my blog name. A few years ago it was alerted to me that someone else had taken over my blog name when I closed down my original blog and when I decided to start it up again I picked the same name with a slightly different spelling.

Well sometimes I see posts from this other blog and they are weird with nothing to do with crafts... So after many years with the same name I needed a slight change :) So welcome Sew Nuts seems fitting LOL....

I hope ya'll are having a great week so far. I will be back with some pictures to share of what I've been up to soon.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Starting a new hobby

OK so how many of us have fabric that we've been collecting for finishing work?? I always pick up fabrics that catch my eye for finishing off my stitching into little pillows and ornaments and such. Well recently I have been intrigued with the idea of quilting. A sweet stitching friend of mine has been giving her sewing machine a good workout by making aprons, sewing machine mats and quilt squares. So last week I started watching youtube videos. My favroites so far is
Missouri Quilt Company
Missouri Quilt Co

Shiny Happy World

Fon's and Portter Love of Quilting
fon's and portter

A friend of mine had a sweet baby back in January and yesterday I finally made it out there to pay them a visit. OMG what a precious baby. My friend was born to be a mother and sweet Grace was meant to be her daughter... seriously I mean this. I walked into the house and my friend had the baby wrapped in a swaddle hooked to her and was pulling a blueberry crumb cake from the oven that she backed with blueberries from her garden and eggs from her ducks. She lives on a small little farm with her husband. So immediately the sight melted my heart but my heart was melted by the sweet soul she and her husband created. Was a blessed baby this is to have so much love being spilled on her.

So last year when she announced she was pregnant I immediately started stitching her birth sampler. I choose American Baby Sampler by Willow Hill Samplings. I believe this pattern may be OOP. This is such a simple design and I've stitched this once before fo my cousins boy who is now 7. I can see myself stitching this again for future babies :)

Okay so here are some pictures of the finished piece. If you notice the corner pockets...since the piece was so small instead of trying to tackle a hanging piece to use on the back I jut added the corner pockets in which they can just use a dowel rod and hang it from a picture hook. But in my next finish I will try and do a hanger on the back.
Starting out...

First time EVER doing a binding... so much easier than I thought it would be!!

The corner pocket

The finished piece

What a joy it was to work on this. And it was greatly appreciated.... Next up is this. This is going to be a birthday gift for my brother.

So if you have ever thought about trying your hand at quilting go ahead and do it. It is easier than you think :D