Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Floss Winner and Saying goodbye is the hardest part of loving something so sweet.

Saying goodbye is the hardest part of loving something so sweet. And it's even harder when it is so sudden. Licorice you gave us almost 10 great awesome years. We will miss you sweet girl

this face was also the same sweet face

That did this last winter Hahaha
But gosh we still loved her :)

On the 14th I took her in took have a growth on her rear end checked. It was a fatty tumor but given the area it was in they wanted to remove it. So I scheduled it for April 12th. Well on Friday we noticed she was favoring her left hind leg and was having some difficulty getting up and down the stairs. So I called Saturday morning to see if we could move the surgery date up, they asked me to bring her in on Monday for a re check. By that time she was still having trouble going up and down the stairs and was not jumping in the chair. So they did some xrays did not see anything really out of the ordinary they gave us some rimadyl and muscle relaxers. This morning she has even less use of her hind legs I carried her down the stairs to potty gave her food and medicine. We left around 11:30 to do our taxes and when we returned home her back legs were completely dead, she was dragging them . So we rushed her into the vet. Even in all this pain she was still giving us tons of kisses.... sweet girl till the end. The vet suspects that a slipped disk hit her spine somehow. Medical treaments were an option but it was a 50/50 chance and in the meantime she would have to go through with not having the use of her legs and IF the treatment DID work she would have to crated when we were gone to prevent her from jumping and that was not a life that was meant for her. So now she is free from pain and though our hearts are hurting they are so full of the joy she gave us

There were only 5 of you that entered so I told my husband to pick a number 1-5 he said 5 So Von on the dry side I will be emailing you sometime this week. My heart is heavy so it will probably be after the weekend....


  1. Oh Natasha, I am so very sorry. I know how very hard it is.

  2. Although I've emailed you, let me say again how sorry I am about Licorice. It's so difficult to lose her so quickly without warning. Sending you a big hug!

  3. Natasha, I am so sorry to read about Licorice's passing. May the memories you have bring you comfort during this time. Thinking of you and sending you gentle hugs.

  4. So sorry to hear about Licorice. I know how hard it is. We had Bingo for 15 years and had to have him put to sleep and it was like losing my child. Remember the good times and look at those great pictures when you feel lonely. Cuddling the kitty will help alot !!


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