Thursday, March 3, 2016

Starting a new hobby

OK so how many of us have fabric that we've been collecting for finishing work?? I always pick up fabrics that catch my eye for finishing off my stitching into little pillows and ornaments and such. Well recently I have been intrigued with the idea of quilting. A sweet stitching friend of mine has been giving her sewing machine a good workout by making aprons, sewing machine mats and quilt squares. So last week I started watching youtube videos. My favroites so far is
Missouri Quilt Company
Missouri Quilt Co

Shiny Happy World

Fon's and Portter Love of Quilting
fon's and portter

A friend of mine had a sweet baby back in January and yesterday I finally made it out there to pay them a visit. OMG what a precious baby. My friend was born to be a mother and sweet Grace was meant to be her daughter... seriously I mean this. I walked into the house and my friend had the baby wrapped in a swaddle hooked to her and was pulling a blueberry crumb cake from the oven that she backed with blueberries from her garden and eggs from her ducks. She lives on a small little farm with her husband. So immediately the sight melted my heart but my heart was melted by the sweet soul she and her husband created. Was a blessed baby this is to have so much love being spilled on her.

So last year when she announced she was pregnant I immediately started stitching her birth sampler. I choose American Baby Sampler by Willow Hill Samplings. I believe this pattern may be OOP. This is such a simple design and I've stitched this once before fo my cousins boy who is now 7. I can see myself stitching this again for future babies :)

Okay so here are some pictures of the finished piece. If you notice the corner pockets...since the piece was so small instead of trying to tackle a hanging piece to use on the back I jut added the corner pockets in which they can just use a dowel rod and hang it from a picture hook. But in my next finish I will try and do a hanger on the back.
Starting out...

First time EVER doing a binding... so much easier than I thought it would be!!

The corner pocket

The finished piece

What a joy it was to work on this. And it was greatly appreciated.... Next up is this. This is going to be a birthday gift for my brother.

So if you have ever thought about trying your hand at quilting go ahead and do it. It is easier than you think :D


  1. Wow - great job! And that binding! Well done

  2. Fanastic! Good for you! I love quilting. :)

  3. Beautiful gift for your friend--am she will treasure it. Sounds like a great family

  4. Oh, what a special gift for sweet baby Grace! Your work is just wonderful, Natasha :)

  5. Wow, Natasha! What a lovely birth sampler you created! Look forward to seeing the coffee piece in finished form. Enjoy your weekend!


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