Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sweet farm animals and stitching time

Hey Ya'll I hope it was a good weekend for you. I have had a busy one. I usually work Saturdays but took this one off because a sweet friend was having a GTG and I really wanted to attend. So I meet up with 20 other crazy sweet stitchers. We ate to much talked alot and laughed till our bellies ached or maybe that was from all the tasty food LOL Who knows.

I stayed till around 5 and then I drove to my girlfriends house about 1 1/2 hours from the GTG decided to stay the night and had a great time visiting with her and her son. This morning we went to a rescue facility that she volunteers at .... as you can see from the pictures there is no lack of cuteness from these animals LOL They also house two EMUS a ton of waterfowl, a domesticated racoon that they are trying to get back to a wild state, about 20 pigeons, some quail and just recently they took in some roosters from an illegal cock fighting ring. They also have a duck called Ming-Ming that does not think it's a Duck you can read about them here HERE and HERE
1st picture is a big old beautiful turkey
2nd picture is sweet Yana the goat
3rd is our group photo from our stitching get together. So blessed to have this group as my stitching sisters.
And lastly is me getting some goat love from sweet baby Lola OMG if you can't tell from my HUGE smile I was in heaven hugging this sweet girl :) It was a great weekend and a much needed one!!! I hope you enjoy this post and please go read about Izzie's Pond amazing the work they are doing for abandoned animals

Now I am going to kick up my feet get ready to watch the Walking Dead and get some stitching time in. Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed Sunday night.

HUGS from your stitching sister


  1. love the baby goat

  2. Wow, what a wonderful weekend you had! It is always fun to spend time with fellow stitchers. Thanks for sharing the animal pictures as well!


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