Thursday, May 12, 2016

A long over due update and Stitch MAYNIA!!!! Picture heavy

Good Thursday Morning friends ...... I am back!! well technically I didn't even go anywhere LOL. A month and a half since my last post and I have a lot to share in the way of stitching and crafting. First off I want to thank each and everyone of you that left condolences on the loss of our furbaby Licorice. Your kind words meant a lot to me and even though the pain is fresh I think as each day passes out hearts are slowly healing. People keep asking if we will be getting another dog. Husband and I are still not sure. There will never be another Samson or another Licorice so we want to be sure of it if and find the dog that fits in with our life we decide, also he or she must like cats. For now we have decided to take the summer dog free and go on small day/ overnight excursions. So far we went to Folly Beach for the night which was great! Ate at our favorite taco shop and drank margaritas And we took an overnight trip to Asheville for our anniversary which was fantastic!! Not having to worry about getting back to the room or back home has been something we have not experienced in 16 years :) Our Cat Emily is easy, fill her bowls up enough for the night and she is good to go. So answer is eventually we probably will get another dog I think our life and our home needs it but for now we are enjoying the freedom.

OK, so what have I been up to?? I am sure some of you that are on facebook and follow the Group Stitch Maynia are aware of the May stitching challenge going on... but for those that are not. The concept is, in the month of May starting May first for the first 15 days you start a new piece.... so that ends up to 15 NEW starts in 15 days... Sound crazy?? I thought so and so I just had to join because who doesn't like a little crazy in their life right?? LOL So one week before the 1st I picked out my 15 starts I was on a roll the first week starting a new piece at the crack of dawn. But then I had to go back to work and it was busy and I was to tired to even think about stitching. So I have not stitched on any of my pieces since Friday. Here is a photo of my basket of WIPs/Starts

And do you see those pretty little project bags? That is what I have been making since Monday. 6 made in two days. OMG people let me tell you how easy they are. I usually keep my projects in ziplock bags or those palstic zippered pouches which is fine and all but I have been wanting some pretty bags to store my things in, so when I saw a youtube video on how to make these I was like " okay I can do that" Y'all know who Vonna is?? The Twisted Stitcher well she has a few video tutorials on you tube. This is the one I watched to learn how to make a project envelope. How to make a project envelope

Here are a few close ups of my bags

Are ya'll headed over there now to check it out? I hope so and I hope you make a few.

Ok so whats in my bags?
Day one: Sunflower House by Blackbird Designs

Day Two: HUSTLE by Satsuma Street This is such a fun piece to stitch the colors are so bright. This is a gift for my husband

Day Three: Give Thanks by My Big Toe Design JCS Sept/Oct 2010 I LOVE LOVE this design. The letters are just beautiful it is a great piece to stitch

Day Four: I am a Stitcher by Cherry Wood Design

Day Five: Be Merry by Lizzie Kate Cross Stitch Crazy magazine Nov14/195

And last is a Round Robin I am working on. There are eight of us doing the Friendship Sampler by Carriage House My heart is the green heart I still have to stitch my name and then it will be on its way to the next stitcher :)

Well that was LONG but I hope ya'll enjoyed the post and get some inspiration to make yourself a couple project bags :) As always take care and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ....