Saturday, September 3, 2016

So much to share........come read our news!

Well hello friends.
Is there anyone still around that reads my blog anymore? Since I have been gone for such a long time I am sure there are some that have fallen off . You know when I use to have my other blog A stitchers Ramblings I had over 500 followers. But then I realized someone had stolen my blog name when I took a hiatus and I had to change it to this one. Any Who. So much to share I will have to break this up into a few different posts. Lots of stitching to share so that will be for another day .

What have I been up to???Back in March we had to put our sweet dog Licorice down, yes unfortunately. She had a spine injury from a slipped disc we believe it was from jumping off the bed. We noticed she was having trouble walking and I took her to the vet and xray showed some spacing between the disc so we put her on steroids, but the next day she lost all use of her back legs. It was so hard for us to make the decision. She was our last remaining dog and was our special girl.
This is her look like Please Mom just get over here and pet me LOL. She is missed still and it was hard those forst few months the tears never stopped. But I knew that our home had to have a dog in it and so I started my search for a rescue.... Looked for weeks we even were up for fostering that was untill this puppy showed up on a local animal shelters website.

When I saw her, I swear I thought I was looking at Licorices sibling, which would be impossible seeing Licorice was 9 years old and born in California LOL So I showed her to my Husband he knew there was no talking me out of this Hahaha Good Man!!! We drove two hours north of us and the minute we saw her we knew she was coming home with us. She for sure has Schnauzer in her as did licorice but at 5 months old she is already the same size licorice was full grown, we are curious to she how much bigger she will get. She is almost 18# now!

Her name is Ari and she is about 20 weeks old. A good puppy she is. House trained when we got her YAY!!! And LOVES our cat and the cat loves just the same well maybe not as much LOL But Our hearts and home is filled with love for this sweet pup. The story is from what we were told was that her litter mates and two older dogs were dumped on a rual road in the upstate South Carolina. found by a person driving that road. That were EXTREMELY young when they were found. Nursed, vetted and then placed into foster, she was in foster for three weeks and then we found her.

So that is life right now. I will come back next week and share all the great stitching and stashing that has been going on here since I last posted a blog. Until then I hope everyone is doing well and if you comment I will always respond :)
Stitching Hugs