Tuesday, August 11, 2015

That one Designer....... you know

That one designer, you know the one. You would collect ALL of their patterns if you could. Well for me that one is BlackBird Designs. I absolutely love everything that they put out. I have some of their earlier Loose Feather charts and have high hopes of stitching up the ones I do have.

I have made a start on Bluebirds Message. I was drawn to the beautiful blue bird in this chart. I am stitching it with DMC and I believe the fabric count is 40ct but could be 36ct either way these are small holes LOL

The eyelets are my favorite :)

How many of you are regular FaceBook users?? Well if so, have you seen the buzz going around for a new SAL, The Lord's Blessing? A lady on a face book group page was asking about a chart and me liking a challenge, I set out to find who the designer was. This is The Lord's Prayer by Dianne Arthurs of Imaginating

After seeing this design I just knew I had to stitch it also. So many others were curious as to who the designer of this chart was and where could they purchase it. So I started a face book group and a Stitch Along for this was created. Deb Kline Koch of stitches N Things stepped up and started taking orders for members of the SAL group. At first it was around 20 people, then it was 40. then 60. Now our member count is at 100 stitchers. And I believe she has ordered more than 100+ charts from the supplier.

We all laugh because I am sure the supplier is wondering why the sudden interest in this design. This chart that has been out for MANY MANY YEARS. We are starting this on Sept 1st and going to post our progress on this piece every Sunday. If you would like to join in on the fun order your chart and stitch with us. You don't have to be a face book user to do the SAL :) I will be sharing my progress on the piece right here on my blog as well. I think it will so much fun to watch every ones progression as this design takes shape.

Well if you have stuck with me this long I thank you. I am off to do some chores, make some breakfast and enjoy this beautiful day. I hope you do as well.


  1. Oh what great choices you have made! Beautiful.

  2. I have this chart and would love to join you.


  3. I do love the Thanksgiving piece. I stitched Bluebird's Message for my step mom many years ago. You will enjoy working on that piece.

  4. Both are beauties, I saw the hubbub on FB about the Give Thanks piece and I've been "thinking" about it ever since :) HA HA!

  5. Beautiful choice! Yes, I love how there's a viral wave of everyone wanting to stitch/knit/whatever a certain design. it happens so often!

  6. Love these designs! I am a big BBD fan as well. Lovely stitching!


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