Thursday, November 26, 2015

Being Thankful

My cousin's husband is a pastor and this was part of his sermon this past Sunday I d not live near by but love listening to his sermons every Monday Morning!!!

"Being Thankful instead of Complaining.."
I Am Thankful For...
....the mess to clean after family gatherings because it means I have been surrounded by family and friends.
I Am Thankful For...
...the taxes I pay because it means that I am employed.
I Am Thankful For...
...the clothes that fit a little too snug because it means I have enough to eat.
I Am Thankful For... shadow who watches me work because it means I am out in the sunshine.
I Am Thankful For...
...a lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning and gutters that need fixing because it means that I have a home.
I Am Thankful For...
...the spot I find at the far end of the parking lot because it means I am capable of walking.
I Am Thankful For...
...all the complaining I hear about our government because it means we have freedom of speech.
I Am Thankful For... huge heating bill because it means that I am warm.
I Am Thankful For...
...the lady behind me in church who sings off key because it means I can hear.
I Am Thankful For...
...the piles of laundry because it means my loved ones are nearby.
I Am Thankful For...
...the alarm that goes off in the early morning hours because it means that I'm alive.
I Am Thankful For...
...weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day because it means I have been productive.

Today I am thankful for the guy in the picture, my sweet husband. Today I am thankful for the guy in the picture, my sweet husband. We spent the day at a friends house eating delicious food, catching up and shooting some guns... I mean cause what is a holiday without a little firearm :)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Just a quick fly by post

Psalm 118:24King James Version (KJV) This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

By now many have heard the News about the state of South Carolina. Please continue to pray for our State. Our infrastructures may be broken but our spirit is not. Neighbor helping neighbor, that is how it's getting done! The people of South Carolina have a giving heart and I am happy to call this place home.

We were not affected by this storm thankfully, we live about 16 miles west of Columbia, we had some issues with our dock since the Lake Levels continued to rise until yesterday, but other than that the town I live in was very lucky.

I have had a chance to do a little stitching and this is my WIP.... I made a boo-boo and cut the linen while frogging, as you can see on the top right corner of the house but I am going to leave it for now and decided later if I will restitch that area. I am stitching this on 28ct 2 threads over 1. originally it was being stitched on 36ct 1x1 but my eyes could not handle that.

Plum street Sampler Eliza Scattergood

Wishing ya'll a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

That one Designer....... you know

That one designer, you know the one. You would collect ALL of their patterns if you could. Well for me that one is BlackBird Designs. I absolutely love everything that they put out. I have some of their earlier Loose Feather charts and have high hopes of stitching up the ones I do have.

I have made a start on Bluebirds Message. I was drawn to the beautiful blue bird in this chart. I am stitching it with DMC and I believe the fabric count is 40ct but could be 36ct either way these are small holes LOL

The eyelets are my favorite :)

How many of you are regular FaceBook users?? Well if so, have you seen the buzz going around for a new SAL, The Lord's Blessing? A lady on a face book group page was asking about a chart and me liking a challenge, I set out to find who the designer was. This is The Lord's Prayer by Dianne Arthurs of Imaginating

After seeing this design I just knew I had to stitch it also. So many others were curious as to who the designer of this chart was and where could they purchase it. So I started a face book group and a Stitch Along for this was created. Deb Kline Koch of stitches N Things stepped up and started taking orders for members of the SAL group. At first it was around 20 people, then it was 40. then 60. Now our member count is at 100 stitchers. And I believe she has ordered more than 100+ charts from the supplier.

We all laugh because I am sure the supplier is wondering why the sudden interest in this design. This chart that has been out for MANY MANY YEARS. We are starting this on Sept 1st and going to post our progress on this piece every Sunday. If you would like to join in on the fun order your chart and stitch with us. You don't have to be a face book user to do the SAL :) I will be sharing my progress on the piece right here on my blog as well. I think it will so much fun to watch every ones progression as this design takes shape.

Well if you have stuck with me this long I thank you. I am off to do some chores, make some breakfast and enjoy this beautiful day. I hope you do as well.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Friends are the best motivators

There is nothing like spending the day with a group of friends. Stitching, Laughing, Eating! All the requirements for a good day. Yesterday my friend from Aiken drove up here and we then continued a ways up north to Rock Hill to go shopping at The Stitch and Frame. This is I think the best little XS shop around these parts. And the women who work there are just always so helpful and sweet.

I went shopping for an exchange I am in that is being hosted by Leslie from Under The Sea Fabrics. It was something that she put together through her face book page.

My secret sister sent me this. For the exchange since it had to do with summer we were to send 5 things. Something Froggy, Something Flowery, a summer colored fiber, a summer themed chart, and you'r favorite summer treat. I would say that my secret sister did well :) I really enjoyed everything she sent.

After I got home from spending the day with friends I was so determined to finish Snowmen Trio so I settled in for the evening and completed it with some specitly fibers of course ;)

"Snowmen Trio by Country Cottage Needleworks "
Stitched on 32ct Lambswool

Today is my last day off before I head back to work so that means laundry but I will try to fit some stitching in. I have three WIPs I would like to complete before the end of the year, they have been lingering far to long in my basket.

So with that I say farewell and happy stitching.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Distractions while stitching....

Good Saturday Morning,

We are in the dogs days of summer here and my my my is it ever HOT! We have been cooling off poolside lately and I am thankful for that. I have been rejuvenated and find myself wanting to start EVERYTHING. So a few nights ago after chatting with a couple girlfriends about what they were working on I kitted up Snowmen Trio by Country Cottage Needleworks here is my progress as of today
Stitched 2 over 2 on 28ct lambswool

Yesterday I spent the day at a stitching friends house. This was only the second time actually meeting her. But it is amazing how you immediately have a bond with basically a total stranger. I wish I could have stayed longer, the visit seemed way to short. But luckily she is a quick hour and 20 minute drive from here..

My latest distraction has been this sassy pants.

She was so tired from being up ALL night long, YEAH US!!! that she decided at 10 A.M she was just going to take a quick cat nap before she began her tear through the house again. She is a wild thing but, she has stolen our hearts that's for sure. And thankfully her and the dog have been getting along good. They stalk each other but have yet figured out how to play with one another. each is afraid of the other LOL

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Wishing you all a great week.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Meet our new kitten

We finally welcomed our new kitten home on Friday and what a sweet surprise she is. I was lucky to be able to visit with her a few times before adopting her and her personality is so much different now, when she was with her siblings she was playful but very shy. She has really opened up and is just a little cuddle bug, though she tends to bite while she cuddles LOL
So far her and the dog have been doing ok, she did swat at the dog and hiss and since then Licorice has been keeping her distance but still wants to bark at her and chase her. I think by the end of the week they will be the best of friends.

Mind you I have not gotten a lick of stitching done. I do need to finish a gift for my cousin who is getting married next weekend. So I guess tomorrow will be my sewing day. I wish you all a great evening

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July from the Jewel of the Midlands.... We are spending the day on the water. Wishing you a happy and safe 4th of July

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A little stash enhancement always feels good

Friends are always good for enabling you. You will never hear "are you sure you need that" or "Don't you think you have enough" nope good stitching friends always tell you " I could see you stitching that" and even more they tell you " I bet that would look great stitched over one on 36ct"

Yup those are my friends and I love them LOL We spent the morning at Stitch and frame in Rock Hill. I really love this shop not only are the people who work there wonderful, but they have some beautiful shop models, which is the reason why I bought this one. I would have never thought to buy this had I not seen the model. It was stitched on 40ct over 1 but I decided to save my sanity and my eyesight and stitch it on 36ct over 1. So far so good!!

Plum street Sampler Eliza Scattergood on 36ct butter Pecan

After our shopping trip we hit up a local BBQ place right before they were closing up OOppppss and then we came back to my house stitched for about 20 minutes and decided insted to go for a boat ride on the Lake. Almost got tied up in a storm but Captain George guided us home to safety.

If everyday could be spent like that life would be SUPER FANTASTIC.

Life here in the South has been HHOTTTT!!!! Now we are use to heat but we like to get warmed up to it before we get baked. This sure has started off fast and there has been no rain, as I am typing I Hear thunder in the distance but I can tell you that it's all talk. Just a 5 minute shower and I would be happy.

But you know what I know that it is a lot tougher in other places so for that I know that we are blessed.

I wish everyone a great night. stay cool and stay happy

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New kitten coming soon.....

Do you ever work on a piece and feel like you just are not making progress?? That is how I feel right now with my current WIP. Blessings be Thine by BBD.... I have been working on it sine May 19.
Don't get me wrong I am enjoying it but it just seems like it is one of those pieces that will take me forever. I am going to work on it tonight and then put it away for a week and work on another WIP.

Did you happen to notice the scratching post behind the stitching stand?? Well that could only mean one thing...... We got our selves a kitten :D Last week I meet with a 10 week old black kitten named Daisy, and while she was adorable she was EXTREMELY hyper. Now I know kittens are full of energy but I have known some to be fun and play full while not being cray-cray LOL

So the next week I was at work asking a co-worker how his foster kittens were doing he told me I should come over that Sunday and meet "Emily" his favorite and so I did and I feel in love. She is one of four and I just loved her personality. So I went to the rescue center I volunteer at and adopted her!!! She will be home with me in about two weeks. She still needs her second round of shots and to be spayed. But her foster parents have been sending me videos of this sweet girl.
Here she is hugging her Brother Derek. They are almost identical in markings except for color.

Initially we were nervous about how our dog Licorice would react to the kitten. But I have adding items to the "kitten Room" daily and telling her that it is for the Kitty and I give her a treat. I think she will be just fine. The kittens name is Emily and while that name is fine, I kind of want to change it but my littel sister in law who is 17 knows that Emily is the cats current name and she is on board with that name, her name is also Emily LOL

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their June. May the warm summer breezes bring you peace and happiness

P.S Sweet Nancy over at Victorian Motto Sampler is having a most awesome giveaway. Christmas in July. If patriotic is your thing then I suggest you head on over to her blog and enter to win. I did :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New stitching stand....

Greetings friends,
I recently went to visit a stitching friend last week whose husband had been in the Hospital. He is a master at making beautiful things out of wood and a few months ago I asked him to make my a stand for stitching. I have a Z-Lap stand but it only clamps on one side and my frames always sag and ending my thread on the back is a pain. This stand is the BEST....

Those dowels keep the frame on the arms for stitching and when I am ready to run my thread through the back I just flip it over, SO EASY

Next photo is a finish. Oh yeah ever once in awhile I have one of those LOL This is for my cousins wedding. I just have to decide if I am going to frame it or make it into a pillow.

The orignal border called for a backstitch border but I wanted to have fun and do some eyelets because they are my fav. I am super happy with how it turned out and it stitched up fairly quick.

Tonight ends my three day weekedn Boo!! I have to head back to work tomorrow but before that I go volunteer with the cats. I have been trying to convince DH that we need a cat in our life. He is not, nor has ever been a cat person, he grew up with dogs and I the opposit, but I think I might have him on board. I found a rescue place that will allow me to take the cat home for the day, I know that my dog will need more than one day to adjust but I think it is a great idea. And while I would like to adopt an older cat I think a kitten would fit better. Though DH says he still wants a dog. I don't know if I can do that. after the loss of Sam it was just to hard. I still think of him often and cry a bit....

I am not rushing anything if we get a cat great if we don't well I am still getting a cat LOL J/K

I wish everyone a great rest of the week make those stitches count and those memories matter ((HUGS))

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Chalk Paint Furniture....Success

I have to many furniture pieces that are brown, tan, light brown or chestnut brown. Even my couch is an Olive tone which I do not mind but for years I have been wanting to update my furniture pieces but lets face it I am not going to shell out money for furniture when I have great pieces right here at home.

In walks Chuck, oh I mean Chalk, Chalk paint that is. Friday night after a long night at work I needed to unwind so I came home, poured a glass of wine and started browsing pinterest. Could be good could be bad, it's like a time warp when I start searching on Pinterest, seriously! Anyway I came across Chalk painted furniture. Now this is not chalk board paint, it is Chalk Finish paint. Here is one of the pins I pinned and hopefully next weekend this is what my coffee table will look like. French country end table Cute don't ya think?

Anyway I spent way to many hours searching out paints. I came across one brand but I was not going to pay almost $37 for the paint and then $50 for a special wax brush. That is when I stumbled across Americana Decor Chalk Paints Alot less money and I could just head on over to my local hardware store and but it right away insted of having to wait to have the other brand shipped to me.

So today DH and I went to the hardware store the selection was very small at this location, like literaly 4 colors to pick from. I was originally going to use a color called Primitive but upon looking at it I knew I needed a nice pop of color for this piece I was going to paint.


I love it. It is like having a brand new piece of furniture. This was a cabinet I rescued from the trash when I lived in California. I new one day I would paint and 7 years later I did it. This cabinet holds all my fabric for finishing and some other odds and ends. I am going to find some nice baskets to use to keep the fabrics nice and tidy.

I have already started on another piece, this bookcase.

A friend gave me two of these when she moved from California back to Florida. I use this one to hold stitching related do-dads so I thought why not go ahead and paint it tonight. This paint dries in no time about 10-15 minutes between coats. And once it is all dried you apply a clear wax to seal it all in. This is where I will wait, I used a rag on the cabinet and while it did a fine job using the rag was pretty messy and left it alittle streaky so I am going to get a Stencil/Wax brush and seal it up with the wax tomorrow night.

So have any of you ever painted using this type of paint. If so share your projects :) Well my first coat is dry so I better get back to it.

Take care and have a wonderful night!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

God Bless This Marriage stitching update.

Hey ya'll

Just giving a quick update picture on the wedding piece I am stitching for my Cousin's July wedding. I am now working on the backstitching and the border, which is crosses all the way around. This design is FUN!! I think I should be finished by next weekend. I am not working on it tonight as we are headed to a Cinco De Mayo party later this evening, so depending on how late we are there and if I have a few Margaritas will determine if I stitch tonight ;)

Wishing you all a great day and always thank you for stopping by and leaving comments I really appreciate them :)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Life is fleeting better enjoy it now!!!!

A friend of ours always tells us "life is short, eat off the good china" and I could not agree more. Today was a spectacular day. I took the night off from work. hubby and I went to a derby party, what a fun time we had. We did a blind draw for our horses I picked UpStart and funny enough my boss and I went in on a pick at work and sine I was not there to do the drawing, I normaly do the pick, he picked and what horse did we get?? Upstart LOL That is the fastest 2 min in any sport and think of the money made in that short time?? mind boggling!!! None of my horse picks came in but it was still a great time being with friends.

I have not been stitching AT ALL :( yes sad face.. I have been so busy with work and volunteering I am surprised I can even type these days. I am thankful to have the next two days off work.. What a blessing!!!! I am trying to complete two projects within the next three weeks... wish me luck :)

I will leave you with a picture of our ride home from the Derby party... this view never gets old!

Wishing you all a happy weekend! ((HUGS)))

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

God Bless This Marriage

Good Morning Friends,
The birds are whistling and the sun is shining this morning, I know it will be a good day. This weekend went by to fast!! Sometimes I wish I could slow time just for awhile. This past Tuesday April 14th my hubby and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary.... What a great time we had. I took Saturday night off from work and we went to dinner and to a concert Jason Isbell. It was nice to get out and hear some live music. We rarely make it Downtown together. I go there for work but for the most part we usually stay in our neck of the woods, the country :) Which after a night out I prefer LOL

I have been working on this wedding sampler for my cousin who is getting married in July. She told me that her colors were Blue, Red and Gold and I thought, "what an odd combination of colors for a summer wedding" But them it dawned on me maybe she is going with a Christmas in July theme since the wedding date is July 25th. Either way I am happy to stitch this for her and her soon to be husband. I am hoping to give it to them in person before the wedding when we have our family reunion.

There is quit a bit of backstitching which I am leaving till the end. But this is actually stitching up quicker than I thought it would. Here is a pic of what it should look like when finished.

Thanks for visiting

Wishing you all a wonderful day filled with laughter and stitches!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

many hands make light work

I spent Sunday with my co-workers at a friends farm. We all gathered for a day of planting, tiling and fellowship. It was such a great time spent digging in the dirt and come lunch time that food was so welcomed after a hard morning spent in the feilds...

Here are a few pictures from the farm, which is a full fledge self sustaing farm.

Oscar, he is such a handsome boy

And they just got received some baby Turkeys. They were so sweet I picked this one and name it "dolly Pardon" because they will be using these turkeys for food but I had to take one and pardon it. ..... If I have my own land/property by November I will be taking "Dolly" home with me!!

I could spend every day at her place, it is hard work but so good. I am so thank full she and her Fiance opened their home to us.

Tonight I am resting because she sent us home with small plants and herbs so I spent today planting them in my yard. I can't wait to see what thwy turn into....
Blessings to you all

Friday, April 10, 2015

Foods of Cleveland

Good Morning Ya'll
It is a beautiful morning here in the Carolinas. This is my favorite time of year here, not to hot,just the right breezes making it feel almost tropical . And I can work in the yard without almost to death :)

Okay, so onto my post about Cleveland Food. Cleveland is a large city with many small pockets of neighborhoods. You have "Little Italy" to the East which is largley populated Italian negihborhood. You have "Slavic Village" where the Polish immigrated to and on the West side where I grew up we had a mix of Eastern Europeans. Hungarians, Germans, Polish, Greeks, Irish and Italians. So when my mom cooked you never knew what was going to be for dinner she got recipes from all the neighborhood ladies.

The food scene in Cleveland,particularly in the Downtown area has really evolved. There are some amazing restaurants that are being owned and operated by top notch chefs. Chefs who moved to places like NYC and beyond, but came back home to open up their own kitchens. I am really proud of Cleveland. This city has come along way, sure they still need work but it was so great to be there during the NCAA Champinships and see the many people enjoying my city and taking in all this great place has to offer.

Here's a fun little link about the different neighborhoods where most of these immigrants settled. some of these places are no longer aound but a few of the businesses hang on.
Cleveland's Ethnic Heritage

So two of my favorite places are not 5 star restaurants or multiple winners of some fancy awards, but they are known for their amazing food and great service.

First up is Slymans home to what I think is the BEST corned beef sandwich around. The lines for breakfast and lunch at this place are sometimes wrapped around the corner. But if go it is worth the wait. Best sandwich HANDS DOWN

Next up is Sokolowskis Unnivesity Inn Sokolwskis Unniverty Inn just across the river from Downtown. In the Tremont Neighborhood. This is a neighborhood I grew up in. I use to take the Rapid down with my girlfriend and stay at her Grandmas house. This restaurant has been around since 1923 and this was my FIRST time eating here... How did I not come here sooner?? Good home cooking run by the family who were there dishing out the food, it is a cafeteria style place, slide your plate down and tell them what you want. You will NOT, i say NOT leave hungry. the portions are HUGE.
Which by the way did win a prestigious award. The James Beard Awrd Awarded to American Classic Restaurants that have been around longer than ten years and are locally owned.

Another hometown Celebrity who has had success in other cities, but being a Clevelander came back home to open up restaurants. Is Iron Chef American, Star on The Chew and owns many restaurants in the Cleveland area. Michael Symon, my father in Law loves this guy LOL

View of the front with the Downtown skyline reflected in the window.

This is what we ate

Perogies, Stuffed Cabbage, the size of a softball, chicken paprikash, just the way my Mom made it. It was SOOOO Good my mouth is watering for those perogies!!!!

Okay, So now that I am starving as I re-read this I best go make some breakfast. But what I would not give to have a big plate of perogies right about now LOL
I hope you all enjoyed this post....
Wishing everyone a wonderful day because guess what?? IT'S FRIDAY :D

Monday, April 6, 2015

sewing up a memory.

Good Monday Morning.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter. I had a very laid back day yesterday. I made our Easter dinner Saturday morning before I left for work. So I only had to heat up the "Cottage Ham" More about that in my next post titled "Foods of Cleveland" and make scalloped potatoes. Which ment I was able to work in the sewing room finishing a piece for a friend.

A few months ago my girlfriend saw a stitched piece I did in honor of my mother.HERE She asked me if I could do that for her boyfriends best friends Mother. This friend of his passed away in an ATV accident and she thought that his mother would appreciate it. I finished stitching it last month and decided I better get it sewn up into something quickly because she was going over there this weekend.

I am still learning when it comes to sewing. But you know what they say? "Practice makes perfect" I think for the most part this turned out great. Two things I noticed, the solid red fabric was sewn a tad crooked on the right and I wish I would have used a different color, like green or tan in place of that solid red. Things you don't catch until it's to late. But all in all I am happy with it. We decided to barter for this. I make this and she in turn is going to paint a canvas piece for me. I am not sure what it will be but I know I will love it.

This is fabric for the back

I have some pictures to share on my next blog posting of my trip back home to Cleveland Ohio. It was a balmy 25 degrees when we arrived there on Friday Evening and stayed chilly untill Monday where it reached 55 and sunny HALLELUJAH!!! LOL We only went for 4 days but next time I am staying for a week. I need more time :)

Wishing you all a great day today.
Smile and stitch on!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Welcome Spring

Hello dear friends, I hope whereever you are you are enjoying your day. Today the sun is shining and it is a perfect 60 degrees. Spring is being welcomed with open arms here :)

Two weeks ago I started volunteering at one of the many no-kill rescue centers here in town. I took my Canine care class two weeks ago and then the feline care class. Well last Wednesday I was able to spend some time with these sweethearts. The Petsmart partners up with the rescue centers here and they usually house 5-9 cats in their adoption room. So I went early that morning to feed, water, clean the "condos" and most importantly give some love to these sweet cats that are up for adoption. All were very, very sweet. But these two captured my heart.

This sweet boy is very quiet. Takes him some time before he will open up to you and does not like loud noises. But after just a few minutes he was almost putty in my hands. He even rolled over so I could rub on his belly. I know he will get adopted soon. Maybe by me :D

Brendan a.k.a Bubba

And this girl... Just as sweet as she can be. She is the smallest cat there, probably only about 8lbs she is about 1 1/2yrs old. Loves, loves your lap and just wanted to be loved on the whole time. I could see her fitting right into our home, if only Licorice our 9yr old dog would be good to her.
Miss Anna

I am seriously trying to convince my husband that one of these babies needs to come home to us, but he is not buying what I'm selling LOL Oh well I will continue to work on him and in the mean time give love to all the pets that need homes.

Stitching time has been limited since I am working this week/weekend but I will soon have a few days off to kick my feet up and get some work done on these WIPs that are lingering.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend.
Much Love!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Drum roll.... we have a winner

6 people entered my Spring~Fling~Giveaway. I put pieces of paper in a bucket and had the Hubby pull one out.Linda from Stitching with my furbabies was the lucky one. I will be in contact with Linda soon.

Thank you all for entering. Makes me smile knowing there are those that still read blogs :)

Wishing you all a great evening.
Happy Stitching

Saturday, March 14, 2015


You know what that means don't you??? Stands for Stash Enhancement eXperience. You've been stash shopping. And that is what I did today. It was not a huge amount but I got the fabric and floss to stitch this beauty. Blessings Be Thine by Blackbird Design. The fabric called for is 30ct R&R but the shop was out of it, which was okay by me I find R7R to be to stiff for my taste. But I did find this very pretty pale yellowish/vanilla 40ct from lakeside Linens I believe the color is Luna. I am probably going to kick myself for going with 40ct but I will suffer through it for the craft LOL
I can't wait to start this.

It was such a fun day today. I hardly ever have a saturday off. But I knew that a dear friend was having a GTG at her house just about 1 1/2 hours north of me. SO I requested off and got to spend some time browsing The Stitch and Frame a lovely shop in Rock Hill,Sc. It was my first time there. WOW!! They have the most beautiful shop models on their walls. I was just in awe. And even if I had not bought anything I would have enjoyed it.

Next we headed to sweet Bonnie's house. I have only meet her once prior to today and I tell ya she is the sweetest, It was a fairly large group 12+ of us laughing and having a good time. I am not sure how most of them stitched, I was to busy eating or talking :)

It really lights a fire under you when you are with fellow friends who share your same intrest. It makes me want to stitch up a storm this week. Ohhhh AND I Learned how to stitch the sewing method. Up until today I stitched normal. Stab and stick I guess is what you would call it. But someone showed me the sewing method so now hopefully I can become a faster stitcher :)

Be on the lookout for the winner of the drawing tommorrow. I am shocked only 4 people entered the the Spring Fling Giveaway if you want to enter you still have time. I will pick a name tomorrow night.

Wishing ya'll a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring ~ Fling ~ Giveaway

Nancy at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having a Spring Fling Give-A-Way with lots of wonderful gifts. Stop by to see all of her beautiful trims, fabrics and floss. She is trully a talented, sweet and generous lady. Even with her sickess she still wants to bring a smile to others.

And why not have my own giveaway? Leave a comment on this blog post, and become a follower if you are not already. I will enter your name and draw one on March 15th. A spring related surprise, I just happen to be going to Stitch and Frame this Saturday for some stash enhancement so who knows what I will bring back :D

Wishing you all a terrific Tuesday!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunshine and stitching

Hello from sunny South Carolina.

Now this is the weather I am use to!! Sunny and 72... PERFECT!!! For us here in the South this winter seemed to drag on and was very cold. Us here in the south are not use to the same cold temps as our neighbors up north. So when we learned it was going to be 72 and plentiful sunshine we took advantage of that. It has been ages since we have been able to go out on the water and I think every fisherman/boater around here had the same thought. It was the perfect calm, sunny day for a boat ride and to soak in some vitamin D.

Here is our sweet Licorice enjoying the sun..she can only take it in small doses so we have a nice shady spot with fresh cold water for her to retreat to.

Ain't she precious?? I think she still wonders where her brother Samson is, but I think she has adjusted well. We are talking about possibly getting another pup but my hubby is still on the fence about that idea. In the meantime I have started to volunteer at the animal rescue center near by. I went last week for my training. So many wonderful dogs and cats that I can't wait to find homes for. I am really excited to share my time with such a wonderful organization

I have been making some progress on my current Blackbird Design piece Secret Garden. I am going to a stitching get together this weekend and I hope to make some reall progress on it if I can focous. There is usually to much good food and laughing for me to ever get any stitching done LOL

I am really enjoying this one, but then again I love all of their designs :) I hope this day finds you all happy, healthy and stitching!!!

Take care friends!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

it's not for everyone.....

Hello dear friends.... It has been a minute since I have posted on my blog. I am still here and still kicking. I am hoping ya'll are well and for those of you up North I hope you are staying warm Brrrr what a winter ya'll are having.

We are having quit a winter down here temp wise.... I will admit I am getting a bit cranky and I am SOOOOO ready for spring/summer and I don't even care if it is super hot. As long as we are spared Snow on Saturday I am cool :)

Since I last posted I took a run at paintballl or rather the paintballs took a run at me LOL. WOW I still have some bruises.. OUCH!!! But it was a ton of fun. I have also been on my no meat lifestyle for almost three weeks. It is so crazy to think that three weeks have gone by. I did have a burger with my hubby last week and I will say I felt ill after. I am not going to get on a soap box tonight and preach about my new ways but I will say I am amazed at my level of energy and the way I feel!! I have cut out cheese, meat and dairy, except for the splash of cream I have in my coffee in the morning. I do not miss anything from my old ways. Now my Hubby is a meat eater and while I HATE cooking meat... I always have, I still do, but twice a week I make a meal he can eat that is meat free. Lentils are always a good choice, and he is not opposed to tofu, so kung poa tofu is a menu favorite.....

It is not easy but what is??? It is easy to reach for some over processed chemical filled meal that is for sure. I would rather take the extra time to make a meal with items I can pronounce!

And not to forget I still am stitching here is the progress on my current BBD piece, Secret Garden. Enjoying it so much.

Thank you all for visiting my blog. I hope you find joy in my posts!
Take Care

Monday, February 9, 2015

That was a fun experience

First paintball experience was a success. I wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and a hoodie. Probably could have used more layers but for the most part was spared from any serious welts. I walked away with two.And they hurt!! It really was a great time. The courses were all outside. the course in the woods was my favorite because I just hide the entire time picking people off LOL I was usually the last of two standing. I am a great hider Hahaha

It was great hanging out with the co-workers outside of work. Would I do paintball again?? YES. It was great fun.

I am working on a new project not enough progress to warrent pictures though. I just sat down to stitch about an hour ago. Hubby and I were running errands all day. So I am beat plus sore from crawling around like a warrior yesterday HAHA!

Thank you all for your suggestions on the layering. I thank you all for stopping by and I wish you all a wonderful night.

Take care and till next time happy stitching!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Finally it's the weekend

WooHoo what a week it has been. It was a rough night at work and I am SO happy it is over. I am writting this blog post at 12:45 a.m wondering how I am keeping my eyes open.... I am so thrilled to have the next three days off!

I plan on stitching on some WIPs that I have neglected. I finished this piece
last night, now I just need to sew it into something special for that boys Mother.

The top photo is done in blues and deep reds. The bottom photo is reds and pale pinks. I love how they look so different. This design was alot of fun to work with.

Tomorrow our boss is having a Christmas party for us. We had to wait till after the busy season was over which is why it is in Feb. We are going paintballing..... I have never been before and I am pretty excited but also nervouse because I am not looking forward to getting pellted with high speed paint balls LOL.It should be a great time.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and Many hours of creative crafting!

Take Care

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sweet little gift in the mail.

Yesterday was my birthday. I don't make a big deal about it so I normally do not post online about it. But one of my stitching friends had me in the birthday exchange this year.

This is what she sent me some linen and a chart by Country Cottage Needleworks "Snowmen Trio" Super Cute and she made me this cute little zippered bag. I love it. I love little pouches and bags you can never have to many to store random things :)

I am almost finished with January's Snowdrops it really is an ejoyable piece to stitch.
That's all folks short and sweet today :) Thank you for the comments latley. I really enjoy reading them and I am sorry if I have yet to respond but I do appreciate them!
Wishing you all a very happy day and happy stitching!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

a change sometimes sets people on edge.......

I have always been a conscious eater. I was always aware of where my food came from.At 13 after a year of feeding my cousins hog Wilbur I was eating dinner one night and asked where he was... I got a shock when my Uncle said "well Honey he is on you're plate" I knew it was bound to happen but was sad to know that the sweat Hog was sacrificed for my pleasure, As a conscious eater now I am aware of where my food comes from. My eggs are farmed 20 miles away by a dear friend and her feathered friends at Humble Farms in Gilbert ,SC I work in the restaurants world and we serve meat. We get our meat from small farmers who value their animals lives and even though they sell their cattle and hogs to small restaurants they still care about how they are raised till the end.

But that brings me to this point of setting people on edge. I was raised on a Midwestern diet of Meat, Potatoes and some veggies. Over the years I have noticed a change in my self I crave veggies over meat. I dislike cooking bacon although I do love biscuts and gravy. I am not a huge steak eater and while I do enjoy fried chicken I could live without it. So it comes to this. Come Feb 1st I am giving up meat and not only meat but dairy too...I will stil have the random egg only because I know where that happy egg comes from. YUP full VEGAN-ISH here. I have seen the looks from those I tell and their face says it all Ewwwww... Someone asked me "why are you doing this" My response is of course it is a personal reason but also my body deserves to be happy. And I believe a plant based diet is the best for me. So wish me luck on this new adventure of mine. It is amazing the wonderful meat free dishes that are out there. I will hopefully give updates once a week of my progress.

Yesterday I meet coworkers at a local Vegan place only one of two in the Columbia area... It was really amazing even my husband liked the Kung Pao "Cick-N" and that is coming from a meat and potatoes guy Hhahahah He said he would have it again. The Collard Greens were out of this world unlike any I have had. I could have eaten a whole pot. I suggest ya'll try it out if ever in the Columbia,SC area.

Other than the amazing food I also received a lovely Birthday present. I will share a photo tomorrow. It is super sweet :)

Wishing you all a great night. Happy stitching!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's good to be a kid

We don't have any kids of our own and I am ok with that. But I do not hesitate to act like one when I am around them. This little guy is "Munchkin" I have been around for all of his 4+ years of life. He is a talker and full of imagination. I realize I don't see him often enough. He was so excited to see me today when I pulled into the drive way.

This picture was taken after we had lunch, and played at the park. He wanted to go for a walk and come on I can't say no :) When a boy asks you to skip you don't say no!

I only spent a few hours visiting but I have already planned a sleep over in a few weeks and then the adults can get together and catch up...... On my way home I had to stop off at the store and look at this photo I caught. I mean come on is it not beautiful???

Sunsets here are always so pretty.

Last I would like to leave with the current WIP you may remember I was using blue and yellow well I switched it out for two blues 930 and 931 I am digging it. I shared a picture with my friend who is gifting it to the boys Mother and she is pleased. YAY!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunny days are the best

I grew up in Northern Ohio, Cleveland where we are use to lake effect snow, cold snowy Aprils and gray skies as far as the eyes could see. Where the annual amount of sunshine is 163 days and the amount of sun Cleveland gets is 49% But when I moved to California and even in Denver I got spoiled by endless days of sunshine. Did you know that the Denver area averages 245 days of sunshine a year... I mean come on yes please!!!!And Palo Alto,Ca where we lived before moving to our current state had 261 days of sunshine on average. Amazing place to enjoy the outdoors.

Where we live now
Amount of Sun
Columbia,SC 64% of sun with 218 days of total sun. Not to shabby. But like I said I have been spoiled. It has been MANY years since I have been in temps below 40. The last few weeks here have been so cold that todays sunshine was such a welcomed sight. I got to wear a light jacket and took this sweet girl for a nice long walk at the park
It is really amazing how sunshine can make people so cheerful. Today was so wonderful.

Usually we just take walks down our street to go visit the local farm animals, a whole mess of goats.

This guy is in relations with the friendliest lady goat ever.she comes running when she sees me coming usually it is because I come with food :) She "talks" to me as she runs and then greets me with licks.

Living in a city environment was wonderful everything was always so convient but living further out from the city is great. At night you can see the stars and hear the crickets. There is a peacefulness that washes over you when you come home to the "country"

I want to thank you all again for the comments left on the last post. The tattoo is healing nicely and I am already thinking about the next one. Will I go through with it? maybe maybe not but I have some ideas in case.

I have signed up to volunteer at a local animal Shelter PawMettoLifeLine I am really excited. I have an orientation soon and then I will be a full fledged volunteer.Makes my heart happy.

I am still working on the memorial piece and I did change the colors I changed out that yellow for a lighter blue. Looks great I will share a photo on the next post.

Wishing you all a wonderful night and to my SeaHawk friends. Congratulations. Even though I was pulling for Green Bay. It was a tough win for the "HAWKS" Now I just want the Colts to win :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

One not done??

First let me give a big WooHoo to the 2015 National Champions Ohio Sate. Some said you couldn't do it. But against adversity you pulled off a victorious win against a tough team with your 3rd string QB!!! Way to Go Buckeyes :D

On to the title of my post. They say once you get one you are hooked and usually you'll get another. This could be cross stitch collecting, maybe dog or cat collecting haha but I am referring to tattoos. I went yesterday and got my very first tattoo. I have been wanting one for many years but once Samson passed away I knew what I wanted. And I called my friends tattoo artist right away so I didn't back out.

I won't lie and say it did not hurt, but it didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would, it was uncomfortable more than anything. I was actually alittle sad when it was over. Which both my friend and the tattoo artist found funny. My husband was shocked when I came home because this was originally going to be alot smaller and just a heart with a paw in the center but the design he drew up was actually better than what I had originally wanted. Will I get another one like everyone says happens. I don't know. In my mind I have many drawings and ideas but I think I am happy with just this one...... for now :)

I am working on another stitched memorial piece for a friend, her boyfriend lost his best friend in an ATV accident so I am stitching that January's Snowdrop chart again for the boys Mother. Here is a snap of the progress so far. I am not to sure about the yellow it looks alittle washed out with the darker colors so I think I will finish the boarder and use the blue throughout the entire wording. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for all of your lovely comments on the last post.
Valerie, I use a marker and write the numbers on the bobbins, never have to worry about stickers anymore :)

Dee Holly I am sorry for the loss of your sister, I hate the C word!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Day

Friday, January 9, 2015

First finish of the New Year

Good morning dear friends,
Happy Friday!! I am pleased to announce my first finish of the year. WooHoo! As I mentioned in a previous post my only stitching goal this year is to TRY and stitch the WIPs that have been laying around for a few years, There are about 4 that need finishing. But once they are finished I will be faced with the dilemma of what to stitch next. I always have a hard a hard time picking out my next project, usually because I am so indecisive over fabric and floss.....

When I started stitching it I knew right away that it was going to be a tribute to my Mom who passed away May 2004.You can see progress from that post Here So in place of the flowers I added her initials and date of birth. I used a piece of 28ct even weave and DMC.

I started this one on November 30th and finished Jan 8th.

I was asked by a girlfriend of mine if I would stitch this for her Boyfriend in honor of his best friend who passed away in an ATV accident. So I am going to start it all over again this weekend but I think in blue, gold and green. She is going to give it to the boys Mother.

I probably would have been finished a few days sooner but on News Years day and the day after I spent it winding floss. I had fun doing this, it was mindless and relaxing HaHa!

How do you store your DMC? Do you wind it? I use to keep like numbers in ziplock baggies but searching for that ONE floss is time consuming. This is way more efficient :)

Well that's all I have for today. I hope you all have a blessed and happy day.
Happy Stitching

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A beautiful sunset

Last night while I was cozy under my blanket with a cup of tea in hand I looked out the window and caught a glimpse of fire in the sky. I went out to get this picture.

We are blessed with many of these. And whenever I get the chance to see one I try to take a photo of each sunset, they are different each time. I should make a little book of those I have taken. After I took that photo I quickly retreated back to my cozy blanket to work on my January's Snowdrop WIP.

I wanted to thank all of you that sent condolences, said prayers,sent warm vibes and good thoughts to us on the loss of Samson. Hard to believe that it will be one month since we had to say goodbye to him and it is still hard. When I look at his blanket or think of something silly I get teary eyed. I know it will get easier but.....still hurts. I have been looking at Westies and thinking of the day when we can add one more to our life. I know Licorice is lonely missing Samson but in a way I think she likes having us all to herself :)

A photo from a few years ago. My husband and I were taking a weekend getaway and I guess he wanted to come along :D

And one more, this is one of my favorites. He was determined NOT to come in the house. He made me wait till his friend Buddy came out to visit him LOL
I hope everyone is having a great week so far and getting lots of stitch time in. Even though I don't welcome the colder temps I do like that they allow me to stitch because it's to cold to do anything else :)

Blessings and happy stitching!