Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A little stash enhancement always feels good

Friends are always good for enabling you. You will never hear "are you sure you need that" or "Don't you think you have enough" nope good stitching friends always tell you " I could see you stitching that" and even more they tell you " I bet that would look great stitched over one on 36ct"

Yup those are my friends and I love them LOL We spent the morning at Stitch and frame in Rock Hill. I really love this shop not only are the people who work there wonderful, but they have some beautiful shop models, which is the reason why I bought this one. I would have never thought to buy this had I not seen the model. It was stitched on 40ct over 1 but I decided to save my sanity and my eyesight and stitch it on 36ct over 1. So far so good!!

Plum street Sampler Eliza Scattergood on 36ct butter Pecan

After our shopping trip we hit up a local BBQ place right before they were closing up OOppppss and then we came back to my house stitched for about 20 minutes and decided insted to go for a boat ride on the Lake. Almost got tied up in a storm but Captain George guided us home to safety.

If everyday could be spent like that life would be SUPER FANTASTIC.

Life here in the South has been HHOTTTT!!!! Now we are use to heat but we like to get warmed up to it before we get baked. This sure has started off fast and there has been no rain, as I am typing I Hear thunder in the distance but I can tell you that it's all talk. Just a 5 minute shower and I would be happy.

But you know what I know that it is a lot tougher in other places so for that I know that we are blessed.

I wish everyone a great night. stay cool and stay happy


  1. Sounds like the perfect day out! Keep Cool and keep stitching...

  2. Hey, sounds great! We have plenty of rain up here.

  3. LOL So true about stitching friends. I think we like to spend each other's money haha. Great new WIP though. Glad to hear you had fun on the lake and missed the storm. Our heat finally passed. We've had our AC on full blast for over a week.

  4. Love your new stash. Yes, it's difficult NOT to purchase more - just in case - ;0)

  5. Love your new start Natasha.


  6. Stash enhancement is ALWAYS a good thing!

  7. Love days like the one you had. Great day out for sure! Keep cool.....

  8. What a great day--and I love the new project you're working on, Natasha...

    We'll glad send you some of our rain--and our cooler weather. The high on Sunday is only supposed to be in the 60s!! This is the end of June--ridiculous!


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