Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Memories in the making.

Hello dear friends,
Thanks for stopping by. I know I don't respond to your responses all the time but know that I really do appreciate them. Yes, the retreaat sure was a fun time and I wish I was still stitching and laughing the days away, but I will keep those memories until next year.

Speaking of memories, since moving to South Carolina I have been making them with family. We love living close to family, after having lived so far away for so many years. A drive to Ohio is still 9 hours but so worth it when you spend endless hours lauging with your brothers. Amother family event I did this week was making Filled Noodles with my hubbys Aunt. This dish was a family favorite that his Grandmother use to make and when she passed away her sister Donna would make it. But now that Aunt Donna is in her late eightes it has been over 20 years since my husband and his Aunts have had it.

It is basically a meat filled perogie. You take two cottage hams * Have only heard of them being sold in northern Ohio, and was my first time ever having one*, 1 small briskett and simmer them for 4-5 hours till very tender. Take the meat clean off fat and grind meat with eggs and bread slices. We used a hand cranked meat grinder that I borrowed from a friend. Let me tell ya, that was a workout for my arm :)

You then make the noodles.. Our first attempt resulted in huge noodles that were tough but still eatable and full of flavor. You take the ground up meat and make a little meat pocket. Place in the liquid you cooked the meats in and boild for 1-2 minutes. Then enjoy. Aunt J was not pleased with how the noodles looked, but both her and my hubby said they tasted just like Grandmas, which pleased her.

We had alot of leftover meat that we did not stuff into noodles so today I tried to perfect my perogie *noodle* making skills, this batch turned out alot nicer, dough was not as dense and I sealed them with a fork so they looked prettier also :) I made 34 filled noodles today

What do you think would you give them a try??

Also I have been a stitching machine. Here is the progress on the birth sampler I am doign for my girlfriends baby

This design is so cute, I am enjoying it very much. I hope ya'll are having a great day and may a good evening follow.

Take Care

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sewing essential giveaway

Sewing Necessaire,complete with goodies Giveaway

I am sure many of you are aware of the wonderful hand dyes floss, samplers and ric-rak that Nancy from Victorian Motto sells. Well she is having a lovely drawing for a sewing pack stocked with beautiful seing essentials. Head on over and enter.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pals Stitching at the Beach 2013 recap

What's better than being at the beach and spending the day stitching?! Doing it with a whole group of talented ladies. I attended my very first PALS retreat this past weekend. There were 113 that were there this year, that is one VERY large group :) This retreat is put together by Amy Whitaker, owner of Down Sunshine Lane . This was her 16th year of putting this together. I am so happy that I went this year that I am already looking forward to next year!

I arrived on Wednesday and roomed with Chris and Michele. Great roomies and we got along wonderfully. I have been friends with Michele for many years through our blogs and facebook but this was the first time ever meeting in person and the same with Chris. I meet so many great ladies on this retreat. 4 glorious days of stitching till our butts ached and laughing till we we cried. I sat with the "crazy group" I say that with love. We stitched, laughed, formed a gang and were just plain silly the entire time. I did not take enough pictures like I had planned, here a a few from the 4 days.

A finish by a fellow stitcher, beautiful right?? There was clapping and cheering when a finish was made

Michele *my roomie* and Toni hard at work on their cute pin cushions

The Grab Bag Exchange was fun to watch this box got stolen alot along with several others

The view from under the pier

There were also several designers there this year
Blackberry Lane Designs I loved her finishes that she had displayed of course I had to buy something ;)

Summer House Stitch Works Beth is so very nice

Hands On Design Cathy as well was so sweet. She had and exclusive for the PALS retreat a beach theme so yes that and another design came home with me.

Praiseworthy Stitches She had some really clever finishes like her Kindle cover so I bought that and another chart. She was very positive that I could sew that cover up... We shall see LOL

Fern Ridge Collections Lots a beautiful beaded kits. I did not buy any but I know several who did, hopefully we see finishes soon ;)

Golden Circle Designs Very cool designs a few ladies at my table bought a few.

Amy also had her booth set up I bought a beautiful bag with cute little owls on it... According to Michele it was calling my name ENABLER!!! LOL

Well if that was not long enough!! LOL I sure hope you enjoyed this recap of the weekend. I am sure I will be sharing more photos through the week and hopefully some finishes as well. Until then take care and Happy Monday :D

Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm So excited PALS here I come

Only a few more days and this will be my view for 4 whole days. I am attending my very first PALS Retreat Am I excited?? Like you would'nt believe!!! I will miss my Hubby and our pups but 4 glourious days staring at the waves and stitching with some great people it should be an awesome time :)

Getting my bags together is a tough task. I don't want to take to much but want to take enough . I think have decided to take a few WIPS and a baby blanket I am chrocheting. I always have a hard time stitching and talking at the same time anyway LOL

I hope to take lots of pictures and will share my adventure when I return. Till then ya'll have a wonderful week and happy stitching!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

A sad moment........

I am writting this post to say good bye to a blogging friend. When I heard the news this morning my heart sank into my chest and a deep saddness took over me. I am sure many of knew about Cathy and her long battle with cancer.She is now free from pain but my thoughts and prayers go to her family especially her husband and son. May her little boy always know the love she had for him even before he was brought into this world......

Her friend compiled some photos you can read her posts here

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pup on the mend and a birthday wish

What a tough week this has been emotionally! Last Wednesday we took Samson in to the vet for a "sore" that was on his back, she thought it was related to diabetits, so they ran a senior panel test and the Gluclose levels were very high, did'nt think anythiing else of the "sore" at that point no pain to the touch.

But then on Sunday Morning we noticed that the small sore had turned into a golfball size lump and was leaking puss/blood, so Monday morning we went in to the vet right at open and they decided to keep him so they could put him under and clean it out.They think it was a spider bite,it was quit messy in there, there were three punture wounds and the yucky stuff coming out was typical of spider bites that have got infected. Mind you this was all in a 4 day period. I Wonder what type of spider it was??

But thankfully this did happen because that is how we found out he was a diabetic. So tonight we start his first round of insilun. I know this will make him better I am just very nervous to give him the shots, thankfully my dear husband will be doing the first rounds so I can watch him. I am happy now that we know the cause of his weight loss and excessive drinking. He is one tough cookie and we hope to have him with us a few more good years :)

Tonight is crochet night. I feel like that is all I have been doing latley. I am trying to finish up my husbands blanket he asks me daily if it is finished.... almost honey almost :)

I hope you all have a wonderful night and if ya'll could do me a favor it is my super duper dear friends birthday, ya'll might know her :D Valeris Birthday swing by her blog and wish her a happy birthday Thanks