Sunday, July 12, 2015

Meet our new kitten

We finally welcomed our new kitten home on Friday and what a sweet surprise she is. I was lucky to be able to visit with her a few times before adopting her and her personality is so much different now, when she was with her siblings she was playful but very shy. She has really opened up and is just a little cuddle bug, though she tends to bite while she cuddles LOL
So far her and the dog have been doing ok, she did swat at the dog and hiss and since then Licorice has been keeping her distance but still wants to bark at her and chase her. I think by the end of the week they will be the best of friends.

Mind you I have not gotten a lick of stitching done. I do need to finish a gift for my cousin who is getting married next weekend. So I guess tomorrow will be my sewing day. I wish you all a great evening


  1. Oh she is adorable! I remember those kitten days -- it's hard to get anything done when you're looking after a wee one in the house. lol! Hope she and Licorice start loving each other soon. Have fun! I miss those kitten days.

  2. How sweet. I hope Licorice likes the new friend.

  3. Too cute! Welcome home little cutie.

  4. Oh, how sweet--have fun with your new kitty :)

  5. She is so sweet, and pretty. Poor dog I guess he will learn that cats rule!!


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