Saturday, March 21, 2015

Welcome Spring

Hello dear friends, I hope whereever you are you are enjoying your day. Today the sun is shining and it is a perfect 60 degrees. Spring is being welcomed with open arms here :)

Two weeks ago I started volunteering at one of the many no-kill rescue centers here in town. I took my Canine care class two weeks ago and then the feline care class. Well last Wednesday I was able to spend some time with these sweethearts. The Petsmart partners up with the rescue centers here and they usually house 5-9 cats in their adoption room. So I went early that morning to feed, water, clean the "condos" and most importantly give some love to these sweet cats that are up for adoption. All were very, very sweet. But these two captured my heart.

This sweet boy is very quiet. Takes him some time before he will open up to you and does not like loud noises. But after just a few minutes he was almost putty in my hands. He even rolled over so I could rub on his belly. I know he will get adopted soon. Maybe by me :D

Brendan a.k.a Bubba

And this girl... Just as sweet as she can be. She is the smallest cat there, probably only about 8lbs she is about 1 1/2yrs old. Loves, loves your lap and just wanted to be loved on the whole time. I could see her fitting right into our home, if only Licorice our 9yr old dog would be good to her.
Miss Anna

I am seriously trying to convince my husband that one of these babies needs to come home to us, but he is not buying what I'm selling LOL Oh well I will continue to work on him and in the mean time give love to all the pets that need homes.

Stitching time has been limited since I am working this week/weekend but I will soon have a few days off to kick my feet up and get some work done on these WIPs that are lingering.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend.
Much Love!


  1. I can see why those two captured your heart, Natasha--and I'm sure they won't be the last! How wonderful of you to volunteer your spare time at the shelter--sure hope your husband agrees to adopt one of these cuties :)

  2. I love that PetSmart does that. The cats by us do not last a long time either.

  3. Awww, what sweethearts! I hope you can persuade your DH to adopt one of these fur babies. So cool that you are volunteering there!

  4. Yeah I couldn't volunteer my time for animals or we would have to buy an extra house for all the animals I would bring home haha. Hope you can convince him soon.

  5. I am such a sucker for cats! Like Katie, I'd need another house for the ones I'd bring home. Guess I could be the crazy cat lady without any problem lol!

  6. How wonderful that you are volunteering there. Those kitties are so sweet and I can certainly see why you are tempted to take them home.


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