Monday, May 20, 2013

To many charts and not enough time

Good morning beautiful friends,
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We sure did but boy do they go by fast!!
The title of my post I am sure is something many stitchers feel. Yesterday on a FB page I visit someone was looking for a Lizzie Kate chart,now I knew I had it somewhere at least I thought I did so I said let me look through my things and I'll get back to you. Could not find it anywhere. While digging through my charts I realized I have some wonderful charts and then I wondered why is it I have not stitched any of them yet??

There are at least ten in that pile I would LOVE to stitch sometime in my life HaHa! Then this brings me to another point. Organization!! I am usually a very detailed and organized person. When my Husband and I first started dating we went camping with his family I was given the nick name of "Inventory Conrtol" I knew where it was and how much of whatever was left and what was needed. I took that name as a compliment. But it seems these days I am anything but that LOL

What are some of your ways to keep charts, floss and fabric organized? I would love to hear your thoughts.This is a picture of my little stock pile of charts, they are usually just sitting in a cupboard and when I need one I go through the WHOLE pile. It is pretty time consuming, which is probably why I have not stitched as much as I would like.

I will end this post with this picture of Samson playing with a turtle that happened to wonder in our yard... He was in love as you can see him licking it.. Ewww

No turtles were harmed in the taking of this picture

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  1. Oh gosh, I am the same way! When I go looking for something, I realize all of the great charts I have already! My organization is lacking, so sorry, can't help with that part.
    Hope Samson doesn't try that with a snapping turtle!

  2. Um, I would be no help with that. I am addicted to freebies. I have some organized very, very well actually, by subject. But the majority are just "there"!

  3. Oh, I know the feeling, Natasha--I have so many charts that I would love to stitch, but just know I'll never get to... But, my charts are pretty organized... I put them in plastic sleeves alphabetically by designer and keep them in those large three ring binders. I have an entire binder just for Prairie Schoolers!! My freebies are organized in folders by season, since most of them are seasonal...

    Good luck :)

  4. You know I was just debating whether to buy a new kit when I checked my own stash and told myself to just stitch what I have.

    I put charts in binders, organized by designer. With things that are kitted up, I put them in clear rubbermaid containers and my organization of that changes. Currently I have them by subject...but my bigger samplers are simply organized as BAP.

    Good luck!

  5. My charts are grouped by theme and then by designer. So, all of my christmas charts are together, and ones by the same designer are together. I also have large files with print outs of free charts, these are also grouped by theme. My kits are grouped by theme and size. My magazines are kept in files for each kind of magazine and in date order. Despite all this I still occasionally can't find something, or even buy a duplicate.

  6. Samson is a real cutie. I love fluffy white dogs! I have the same problem. Mine are in a file drawer. But I still forget what I have!


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