Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Making memories this summer

Good goly, I hope ya'll have not forgotten about me? I swear I am still alive and this blog post will prove it :) How can it be August already, this summer is just going so quickly. Which is exactally why my DH and I are trying to enjoy it as much as possible.

Last week my Hubby surprised me with a trip to the Zoo. And I tell ya Riverbanks Zoo is probably one of THE best Zoos I have been to. I have been to San Diego, Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo, Oakland Zoo and the San Francisco Zoo. My favorite thing about this Zoo is how extremlly close you can get to the animals. Here is a photo of the GIRAFFE look at that tounge. They sell lettuce to feed them so they come right up to you and you are able to pet them.

Is'nt this the best!!

We are enjoying our time on the Lake as well and even the days I have to work they are not to bad either. This is a photo taken from the deck at work. This is the annual Lake Murray Poker Run. These boats were muscle cars on water. And to hear them all reving up was something else. It was a fun night to work that night.

The end of summer means my annual family reunion, something that we look forward to all year long. It was my Hubbys first time going to one of these, and they can be a bit over whelming. There are usually 100+ people at my Aunts house. This year we only had about 70. A small decline from last year. But I do think he enjoyed himself. Especially the food, OHHHHH the food. So good!!! I already have it marked on the calender for next year, because it is just that much fun!!

My MaMaw before she passed away told her children that the reunions had to continue, it was a way to keep the family together. So 5 years later they are still going strong. My Aunts really do a fine job.

I have been doing a small bit of stitching, still chugging away on Star Spangled Banner, but not enough to share a photo of yet. I do hope that you are having a wonderful summer and enjoying the days before they pass out of sight. Thank you for stopping by. Leave a comment I really appreciate them :)

Take Care


  1. I have only been to the Philadelphia zoo. I guess I don't get out much. :o)
    So glad you continue the tradition of family reunions. My family does not and we should!
    We too are enjoying our time on our lake. It will all be over soon and I will be complaining of the cold.
    Did this summer go by faster than those in the past or am I just getting older?
    OK...don't answer that one.

  2. We have an excellent zoo here in Milwaukee.
    Family Reunions are great.

  3. How fun to have a family that still wants to get together! Been to a few zoos and always love the giraffes!

  4. It has been YEARS since I visited Riverbanks - and my DS lived in Columbia for several years! You make it tempting to go again. The view from your work is pretty fantastic!

  5. Good to see a post from you and that things are going well! I'm glad you had a good time at the family reunion! Yay!


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