Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oh Happy Day it's spring

As I type someone out there is finishing their stitched pieces and I sit in awe of you, yes you :) Oh I have been stitching but once done I just fling them in a nice big drawer. Let me share with you some of my favorite blogs and the great finishes I have seen so far this week.

We have Katrina A kiwi Stitching. Is that backing fabric not the cutest on that pillow

Faye at Carolina Stitcher. I mean come on her work is just awesome. She is truly a gifted finisher

And then there is Carol over at Stitching Dreams. I enjoy her blog so much. She always has such beautiful finished pieces.

Those are just a few of my favorites. What are some of your favorite blogs??

Like I said in the beginning I have been stitching. I have been working on Star Spangled Banner, picking it up whenever I got the urge to put a few stitches in her. Well I was almost finished when the unthinkable happened!

Me and those darn orange high lighters!!! I am banning myself from ever going near them again at least while stitching. This time it is to big for a button to cover up remember my mishap here??

Someone on FB mentioned that Palmolvie Antibacterial Dish soap would take it out, so it is worth a try. If that does not work my hubby said "why not just stitch a green stem on it, it will look like a flower" LOL Anyway I have moved on for now to a few new projects.

I will be starting these as soon as I get my threads together.

Linda over at Such is Life held a drawing for January's Snowdrop and I was the lucky winner, she so kindly included the chart for February along with this cute stitched piece and some metallic thread. I usually do not like metallics because they fray to easily but this brand seems to be quit nice So I look forward to trying it out.

Well that was quit a post! I want to say thank you for dropping by my blog and remember I love reading your comments. Oh and Happy Spring!!
Take Care


  1. Oh goodness! I couldn't believe my eyes, you did it again! Yes, keep those markers away from all your work!! If the soap doesn't work, what about Zout?
    My favorites are Carol, June and Shirlee.

  2. Love your choices of blogs too!! Oh my gosh....the orange highlighter strikes again ~ bless your husband for his idea ~ made me chuckle! Here's hoping you find a way to get it out!

  3. Oh no! Maybe you should change to colored pencils. Highlighters seem to be your enemy!Congrats on your giveaway win. I know I still owe you an email. Life is still crazy!

  4. How annoying of that naughty highlighter - I do hope the soap works.

    Enjoy working on the My Garden Journal series.

    I have so many favourite blogs I would find it very hard to pick out just three.

  5. I hope the soap works to remove the stain. I think it's time to stop using highlighters?? :D Lovely blog choices!

  6. Oh no, what a mishap. I do hope that you could save this great piece somehow, maybe with the soap that you mentioned.
    Your new projects look very promising.

  7. Run by the Walmart and get yourself some Crayola Twistable colored pencils! Good luck with the Polmolive.

  8. Sorry about the highlighter mishap! Hope you can find something that takes it out.

  9. This is a fun post. Some of my favourite blogs are Michelle's Stitchcraft Place, Stitchyangels Treasures, and Butterfly Wings. These are all English btw.


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