Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm back in the saddle again

so are you know humming that aerosmith song?haha, if so good :) My house guests left early this morning and things are settling back to normal. It was so great hanging out with my sister and her husband. I am wore out though, we stayed up everynight till about 4a.m laughing and talking.

Today is my last day off before I head back to work tomorrow. So after I had some coffee I grab my current WIP and got to stitching it has been over a week maybe more since I picked up a needle and I will say I missed it. I don't have a current photo and I don't want to take it off the scroll rodsbecause I'm being lazy right now HA! I will however share with you the fabric I recieved in the mail a few days ago from Terri at Dixie Sampler.

She just recently started dyeing and selling her fabrics not to long ago and I think they are a huge hit with Prim stitchers. I found out she was selling her fabrics from a FB stitching group called Prim Stitchers Society. How many of you are in this group? I belong to several FB groups all of which a very active with postings.

Aren't they pretty. There is 30ct Olde Ivory and 32ct Vintage P-nut brittle. Now I just need to raid my stash and see what I can stitch on these beauties.

Before I go one of our fellow bloggers is in need of prayers and good thoughts. I will link her blog so you can read about what's going on.
Maggee from stitching devotee

Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesaday!

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  1. What good family times you have had. :) And yes, I know of Maggee's current trouble and am praying.♥


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