Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm Flattered.

I recently received two Liebster awards from fellow stitchers.
Nancy Cosy Stitching Corner and Penny Lark spur Lane

Liebster is German meaning favourite, dearest or beloved and the award is given to a favoured blog with less than 200 followers.
I normally do not take part in award and such, but I am all for passing along good blogs. But here ya go

A colorado Stitcher I started following her because she is from Colorado, a state i fell in love with when I lived there almost 9 years ago. Also her stitching is wonderful

Barb Wicked Stitcher I was drawn to her blog because of the name itself Wicked Stitcher, but then I kept coming back because her posts are always full of lovely photos of not only her beautiful stitching but photos of her "life"

Lana A Joyful Stitcher I have been following her blog for some time, I think before she was pregnant with her daughter. She always has fun posts with great stitching to share

Denise riverside stitching She is a Ohioan and being that my home state I HAVE to follow her LOL Her blog is always one I look forward to reading when she posts. She's got a great story telling attitude :)

In stitching news I was the lucky wonner of some great easter charts from Lynda at A Cozy Little Place for Stitching. I am almost done with the Lizzie Kate Easter Chart. It is so springy :)

Also some of you may be wondering how Trixie and her puppies are doing? I called the kennel today and they said that the puppies are starting to eat wet food and are getting lots of love and attention, as for Momma Trixie she just is a sweet heart and wants her babies to stop nursing, they have some sharp teeth. I am hoping to stop by there on Sunday so I can visit with them. They have many people interested in the puppies, but Trixie is still hoping :)

I hope you all have a lovely evening. I am off to walk my own pups and then finish my stitching.
Take Care

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  1. Glad there is interest in the puppies, hope they all find happy homes and hoping the same for Trixie! Congrats on winning some new stash and on being nominated twice for the Liebster! Going to go visit some of your favorite blogs now!


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