Monday, February 25, 2013

A fine day for a nap......

My header post about sums up my day. Mondays are always a drag A** kind of day but add to that gray skies and cold weather, well you have yourself perfect napping weather. I spent 9 years living in the Bay Area and when the "rainy" season rolled around I sucked it up like a champ knowing that with in a few days the rain would give way to warm sunny weather, in which I would always wear a tank top with my holy jeans and flip flops.. Well I am wishing for some of that weather right about now. I have traded in the flip flops for galoshes

Now I know those of you that are snow bound are probably saying " girl please, stop that belly aching, it's only rain and cold for crying out loud" and yes that is true, I could be stuck in some -20 degree state with snow up to my eyeballs layering on clothes just to go get the mail. But I live in South Carolina, a transplant form California who exiled herself from the frigid weather of Northern Ohio for a reason.... To be warm and I am ready for it by golly. LOL

But for now I will curl up on my couch with my favorite fleece blanket. One good thing about the cold weather is I am able to crochet, something I usually will not do when the weather warms up. I have made a few blankets over the years always for baby gifts but this time I wanted to make something for "us" so this is the start of my ripple blanket. I just picked the colors at random and when I started it I was wondering what was I thinking with this color palette but my husband informed me that these are the colors of the Cleveland Cavs, so Go Team Hahaha!

I sure hope everyone is doing well, I know that I don't post blogs very often but when I do I sure hope that you enjoy reading them. Sometimes I am more talkative than other days so you just never know when I will ramble and entertain :) Enjoy your Monday night friends.

On another note, today would have been my Moms 69th birthday. Happy Birthday Mom, I hope that you are proud of the kids you raised and I hope you know that we are happy but still miss you BUNCHES!! We lost a wonderful,caring soul on the day she passed but I know that she is forever with me wherever I roam ((HUGS))

Take Care!!


  1. I am so ready for spring!! We were in SC over President's day weekend when it snowed! Crazy!

  2. No matter where you live or what the weather, I think everyone is getting anxious for SPRING!

  3. I am ready for sunshine-y days. Not so much the warm weather, but sunshine would be nice!


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