Thursday, April 3, 2014

Serial Starter or am I???

I use to be a serial finisher. I never would start a new project until I finished the current one, well that just meant it took me YEARS to complete something. Then I started a rotation which allowed me to start as many new projects I wanted as long as they fit into the rotation schedule. Well then that fell by the wayside and I just stitched whatever the heck I wanted whenever. That has been all fine and dandy but I feel like I am not accomplishing anything, I have mabey 6 WIPs right now in my basket way less than some of my other stitching friends I'm sure ;)

So as I type this I sit here trying to decide if I work on my WIPs or just go all in and start a new project? There have been so many darling freebies from designers lately that I am tempted to start this one from The Primitive Hare

Or this one making in Blues and browns or pinks and browns Plum Street Samplers

Or this one Samplers and Santas
But as a few of my dear friends would say "start them all" Hahaha Gotta love 'em :D

I did happen to finish this sweet pillow for my cousins baby. Notice the date he was born, hopefully next time I won't wait so long LOL The fabric is what I used for the backing. I hope to have this mailed off to her before the weekend.

I will leave you with a picture of this little guy sunning himself in the warm Carolina sunshine Notice all that pollen covering the car... Pollen counts are SUPER high right now and they are hitting me hard!!

Wishing everyone a happy day!


  1. I am much like you. I made the same decision years ago to not start a new one until I was finished stitching the last one. Then, I gave in some, just as you did. Every a.m., while sipping coffee, I sift through a ton of cross stitch blog posts & thrill in seeing new patterns I've never seen before. Sometimes it takes up a couple of hours & all of a sudden this thought hits me: Why am I spending all this time looking at xstitch blogs when I could be stitching on my current projects???? Sometimes I think I actually enjoy looking at xstitch projects more than making them. It's pathetic, isn't it? :)

  2. I will only work on two at a time. That is it. It limits what you can do, but it sure limits what I accumulate also.

  3. I am like you too. Used to be a serial finisher until I discovered cross stitch blogs and now have 16 WIPs! I say go for it if you fancy 1 or 3 new starts. I love the ones you've chosen and will be adding them to my wish list.

  4. Wow look at that lizard! We don't get them here. What a l-o-n-g tail! I see the pollen on your car. I hope you don't suffer for too much longer!

    I like the baby shoes you stitched.

    whatever way you choose to stitch, one at a time like me, or a few on the go, I with you much fun with your stitching!

  5. I say you should just start them all! I don't even know how many WIPs I have... I just look until I feel like stitching on one or another.

    Your little friend is too cute!

  6. Lovely finish! It's tough, this problem of whether to start a new piece or not. I face it all the time. lolol!

  7. What a cute pillow for the baby! My motto is better late than never!

  8. I tend to change my stitching habits quite often. Sometimes I don't want to put a project down and I'll stitch on it until its done. But other times, like at the moment, I've got four projects on the go! I think it all depends on what you enjoy :)

  9. I think that most people start by doing on project at a time and then are corrupted by their stitching friends to work on multiple projects. Sweet finish.
    Yucky pollen!

  10. I can't juggle more than one thing at a time... Occasionally, I'll have a larger project going in the background while I stitch and finish my smalls, but not often. I know that if I stop stitching something, it is very hard for me to go back and pick it up.

    Your little baby pillow finish is so sweet--the pollen not so much! Ours hasn't started here in Pennsylvania yet and isn't as bad as you get it down south.

    Enjoy your day, Natasha!

  11. The cushion with the shoes is a great little gift.

    I have always been a stitcher with several WIPs in my basket. Nowadays There are times when I stitch on a single project for weeks, then I change projects every day or start a new project for several days in a row. But whatever kind of stitcher you are - the most important is the fun and contentment this hobby can give you.


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