Wednesday, January 4, 2012

All good things must come to an end,

I have had four glorious days off!! But I must head back to work tomorrow *sniffsniff* What a great start to the new year it has been. I spent most of my time off with my husband, he took a few extra days off also, God knows he needed it. We spent January 1st at the beach , went to the movies, I even *forced* him to play a game of scrabble with me ;) Ahhhh, to have every day like that!!

In the New year I finished my first stitched ornament, started a second ornament. Hopefully I can follow through with an ornament a month. I really want to have my tree overflowing with hand madeitmes this Christmas.

I have a rolling cart filled with sandwich baggies of my floss, I decided to start winding those skeins, oh me oh my!!! It sure is tedious!! I only have one jammer box and it is quickly filling up. Do any of you lovely stitchers have any advice on storing your bobbins? I would love to have one of those cabinets with a million small drawers I think that would be a great solution, but until then I need other alternatives. Here are a few pictures of what I'm working with.
From A Stitchers Ramblings

From A Stitchers Ramblings

I still have alot to wind, but I am feeling a sense of accomplishment in finally getting my floss bin under control.

I hope everyone in blog land has a wonderful Wednesday!! Till next time.
Stitch On!!


  1. Glad you had some nice time off. I feel the same way! It was glorious to have 10 days off! It was painful going back to work! I'm right there with you in trying to wind 50 million skeins of floss. It might take me all year!

  2. Hi Natasha! I am now a follower, have enjoyed visiting your blog! Lots of floss and it does take time to wind, but if you do a few each day, it won't be long until you have them all done!

  3. I'm glad to have found your blog!
    After seeing all of the beautiful ornaments on different blogs, I too would like to try and stitch one each month. It is so much nicer when your floss is wound, and will be well worth the effort. :)


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