Tuesday, November 20, 2012

not saying goodbye but see ya later!!

It's easier to say Hello than to say goodbye. Farewell to you by White Lion is running through my head as I write this post.

We leave this place that we have called home in 9 days. On Saturday I got to spend the day with a great group of ladies just stitching and talking and talking and talking and eating and stitching :) Everyone in this stitching group is a wonderful bunch but it is my friend Valerie that I will miss a ton more than I think. We became friends over just the last few years and I think we get along so well becausee we have the same sense of humor, sometimes twisted, but funny to us :) But hopefully come Octoberber we will be spending some time at the beach, Maybe?!?!

I am still slowly packing up our apartment. It is amazing how much stuff I had in such a tiny apartment. The fun thing about moving, you get to declutter. I got rid of stuff I knew we no longer needed, used, or wanted. Hopefully once I get to the new house I can buy a nice bookcase for the spare room so I can finally have my books and "things" out so I don't have to dig through boxes to find something.

A few weeks ago I was the lucky winner of a drawing that Gloria from MiLadys Needle work had. You will not believe what she sent me.


Is'nt it all just lovely, I borrowed the picturtes from her blog, I hope she does not mind. But of all the things in the package, this was the biggest joy

I have had this on my wish list for a few years so imagine my excitement on seeing this :) I plan on starting this on January 1st.

Please head over to her blog and check out her beautiful designs and her updates :)

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I have many thigns to be thankful for and hope to reflect on those on Thanksgiving Day.

Hugs to you all!!

P.S can you please spare some good thoughts and prayers for my Aunt Sue? She had hip surgury on the 9th and is having really tough time. Thank you so much.


  1. What wonderful stash!! I love that one by the Primitive Needle!When we moved out here, we really did get rid of so much. Now I have managed to fill up this house! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Omg, I had to leave Saturday before I started crying! I'm going to miss you a ton but I know I will see you later. I'm going to start saving my pennies for October. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving girl! And congrats on your giveaway win. I hope your Aunt Sue starts feeling better soon! *hugs*

  3. Good luck with your move . Hope everything goes well for you.X

  4. How nice that you got an item from your Wish List! Happy traveling!

  5. Congrats on your win and best wishes for your move!

  6. Hope your move goes smoothly--I know how much Valerie will miss you, too!!

  7. Please check out my blog and see what I said about you.


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