Thursday, February 13, 2014

Adults get snow days too.....

at least here in South Carolina they do :D Thankfull that our Govenour decided to shut down the state Wednesday and thankfull that my work said they were closing tonight, because driving out on these roads tonight would be CRAY-CRAY!! I live about 25 miles outside of Columbia,Sc and while they have plow trucks out here in the "Country" they don't come out this way. My neighbors were getting around in their ATVs yesterday during the thick of it.

We we so fortunate that we did not lose power, we had alot of trees that were frozen over and hoovering mighty close to power lines. Like this tree, which I actually really really would like to see fall down. It's branches are out of controll and it drops sap like you would not believe.

This is what it looked like this morning but once the temps reached 37 the ice started to melt and the tree returned to its upright position. We have a beautiful Crepe Myrtle in the front yard and she was covered in ice also.

What do you do when you are snowed in and you can't leave your house for three days? You tend to watch alot of silly reality shows, stitch and eat everything you can fearing a power outage LOL. I have had this in my WIP bin since October and thought what a perfect time to try and finish her. All that is left are some stitched snowflakes oh and trying to get rid of that orange highlighter mark... Going to try working on that in a bit.

I did have a good amount of fun yesterday. We have a VERY steep boat ramp so I thought it would be the perfect place to go sledding but only problem was I don't have a sled. No worries all you need is the top of a Rubbermaid Starage Container and voila an instant sled. But make sure you don't head into the lake :)

I hope those that are getting winter weather still contiue to stay warm, be safe and stay positive. Spring is around the corner SOMEDAY!

Warm hugs and happy stitching


  1. Love your stitching! Yikes on the trees!

  2. Crazy girl...sledding on a rubbermaid lid! LoL I'm so envious! I would love a snow day so I could slow down and be a sloth at home. Love your Snow Fairy...but how did you get highlighter on it? I hope you can get it out!

  3. I have not gotten highlighter on my linen, but maybe Zout? This takes most any stain out for me.
    What fun to sled! I cannot imagine the state shutting down?!

  4. My girls always grab a garbage can lid for sledding, lol. You're lucky that your temps warmed up and your snow and ice are melting. Here in the midwest, we have not had any melting and the snow just keeps coming.

  5. All these ice-coveres tress look really scary. Good to know that you didn't lose power.
    Great project you are stitching on.

  6. I'm glad you're making the most of the weather and staying in to stitch. Have fun sledding too!
    Best wishes.

  7. Great photos! Too bad that tree didn't fall since you don't like it anyway! It's good that you had stitching and sledding to keep you busy instead of driving to work!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your blog link with me on 123 stitch! I love the Roly Poly Rudolph on the candy stripe fabric! I would love to see it finished. Your winter wonderland looks lovely! I hope all of the south east can start thawing out soon!



  9. It truly was a crazy weather week, wasn't it, but great stitching time. We were fortunate to not lose power! Are you looking forward to the 70° days this week? Yeah, me too!


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