Monday, December 26, 2011


A recluse is a person who lives in voluntary seclusion from the public and society, often close to nature. The word is from the Latin recludere, which means "shut up" or "sequester." There are many potential reasons for becoming a recluse: a personal philosophy that rejects consumer society; a mystical religious outlook that involves becoming a hermit or an anchorite; a survivalist may be practicing self-sufficiency; a criminal might hide away from people to avoid detection by police; or a misanthrope may be unable to tolerate human society. It can also be due to psychological reasons, such as posttraumatic stress disorder, apathy, an autism spectrum disorder, or avoidant personality disorder. A recluse can also be considered a loner.

Recluse,I have thought of this word latley and always associated it with someone out of controll but the corrrect deffinition is that of above... And I will admit I have fit that bill in 2011. But 2012 wil prove to be a a better year. Last year I had to overcome some small personal hurdles and during that time almost gave up on my stitching all together, but with some wise curt advice from a few fellow stitching friends I came to my senses haha

I have great stitching plans this year, if I can crank out 3 ornaments to hang on my tree next year I will be golden :0)
I will share a photo

I have been enjoying my time off, I was able to hang out with a great friend on Monday. We seem to always talk more than stitch but it is always such fun catching.up.with her :o)

Take care and.happy stitching

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