Monday, January 14, 2013

A beautiful end to the day

I want to share with you all the view that welcomed me at the end of my day today, what a sight for a Monday!

This sunset is something to love! We have been very lucky with or weather here lately and have had temps in the upper 70's. I am hoping my friends on the West coast are handling the cold weather alright.

I grew up on the West Side of Cleveland,Ohio and have had my share of freezing cold weather, do I miss it there?? I miss my family and the spring, but other than that not one bit. This sissy can't handle the cold weather Hahaha

I am still stitching away on a traveling piece I hope to have it finished by this weekend. So I cam mail it off. I wish I had some crafty photos to share but nope none of that haha.

I do hope you all continue to visit me I sure do appreciate your visits AND comments!



  1. Gorgeous view you have there! Our weather has turned cold again today.

  2. What a pretty picture! LOL about not missing the cold. I would love some snow right about now!

  3. What a gorgeous sunset! Lucky to have such a nice view!

  4. A beautiful picture! I find that I am on the fence when it comes to cold weather. Part of me longs for some snow and the other part of me loves the warmer temperatures. :)

  5. Just gorgeous!

    I don't mind the cold so much, as long as there's some snow to make everything look pretty.

  6. Sunshine and warmth are something I vaguely remember. It is freezing in England, literally too!

  7. Glad the east coast is agreeing with you, Natasha--they do have some glorious sunsets on the coast!!

  8. What a gorgeous view. Thanks for sharing!!!


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